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Tasty Treats from Anne's Kitchen grew out of a love of baking and food preparation that goes back to my childhood.  I learned to cook and bake at a young age.  When I was a teen, some of my food products received top awards at the Iowa State Fair. in the years 1998-2003, 2005-2018, and 2021, I received 53 best of show awards and over 150 blue ribbons at the local county fair here in Ohio in the food divisions.  My food products have also received numerous top awards at the Ohio State Fair since 2007, including best of show awards in pies, jams, jellies, marmalades & fruit butters, and yeast breads.  In 2008, I started my local cable access television show, "Tasty Treats from Anne's Kitchen," on Anderson Community Television.  The show, which my husband and I produced in our home kitchen, was broadcast until 2016 and featured well over 100 of my family-favorite recipes.  It was the recipient of 8 Blue Chip Cable Access/Community Media Awards.  In 2010, I became involved in the Anderson Township Farmers' Market as a guest chef, and In 2013 I joined the Market as a vendor.  My kitchen has been a licensed home bakery since 2016.  It is my pleasure to provide the local community with my best quality and award-winning baked goods, jams & jellies.

The Anderson Township Farmers Market begins its 2024 season on Saturday, May 18!  In the meantime, I still bake, cook and accept orders, so I am happy to bake something special for you now and provide you with that special jar of homemade jam or jelly! You can pick up your orders in the off-season at my licensed home bakery here in Anderson Township.  I'll be back at the Anderson Township Farmers Market  from May 18 through October 5, 2024!

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